Compulsory Basic Training

Want to get on two wheels?? Here's where you start. A CBT course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to go out and practice by yourself with a 125cc motorcycle or scooter (50cc if 16 years old). You must complete this course before any training for tests can begin.

All you need to do a CBT is your provisional license and generate a code for us to check your licence. Helmets, gloves and a motorcycle will be provided, however, you are more than welcome to use your own.

The CBT course is a training course and is not a test.

The course itself is plit into 5 different parts covering classroom work, off road riding and road riding.

If you have any questions about the CBT course don't hesitate to phone us.

Training to test standard

17 - 18 years old

If you are under the age of 19 you may only sit your test on a 125cc machine.

19 -23 years old

if you are between the ages of 19 and 23, you can sit your test on a 500cc mahine and hold an intermediate license

24 years old and over (or have held an intermediate license for 2 years)

If you are over 24 or have held an intermediate license for 2 years you are able to sit your test on a 600cc machine and hold a full category A license.

Module 1 Test: an off road test conducted in specialist test centres

To find out more about the module 1 practical test, please visit

Module 2 Test: a road test conducted in and around Stirling
To find out more about the theory test and the new 2 module test :
You will need to have passed the theory test before you can sit module 1, and have passed both of these before you can sit Module 2 (road riding test), it is not a requirement to pass the theory test before proceeding with instruction.

We have not put together set courses as we believe every student's requirements are different, and we don't want you to feel obliged to pay for something you don't need. Our hourly rates, however, are in line with course prices in other training schools, we just don't ask you to pay for your training in advance, you pay as you go. This also gives you the opportunity to change schools if you are unhappy with the training you receive.
Ratio of students to instructors: a maximum to 2 student to 1 instructor, although the Driving Standards Agency's legislation allows more for 125cc training we prefer to keep to a maximum of 2:1.

We provide tuition 7 days a week, including evening when daylight allows. Appropriate motorcycles are available for your use. You will practise and perfect all relevant manoeuvres required for the DSA's test.

The number of hours required to reach test standard depends on the individuals ability.
If you have completed your CBT course with another training school we will need to see your licence, both parts, and your CBT certificate prior to commencing your road tuition.
Please wear suitable clothing, i.e. Sturdy boots, denim jeans, a thick waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers and remember to dress according to the weather conditions.

Post test training


During recent years motorcycling technology has advanced rapidly and machines today offer exceptional levels of performance and handling, yet it's a fact that the vast majority of riders can never use their machines to it's full potential - or anywhere near it! Most riders' basic skill levels are the same as they've always been - basic. That's where Cameron bike Training comes in...

Advance training offered by Cameron Bike Training will give you the knowledge and skill to be safe, smooth and progressive, which obviously means much more enjoyment, satisfaction and lessens the chance of being involved in an accident caused by rider error.
Police motorcyclists are widely accepted as being the most skilled and highest trained road riders in the world. Cameron Bike Training now offers you the chance to receive training based on the police system of riding and tailored to your individual needs.
Some of the coursed available:

BASIC BIKING (1 x 4 hours)

Involves: townwork (systems etc) Observation, planning, basic positioning and cornering on open road.

The DSA's tests ensure riders have a good basic grounding in machine control, but if you've recently passed your test then you will no doubt have realised that there's still a lot to learn. This course will show you some of the skills your need to develop to stay safe and enjoy your motorcycling to the full.

BACK TO BIKING (1 x 4 hours)

Involves: CBT type low speed work, townwork (basic systems), observation, planning, basic positioning and cornering on open road.
If you passed your test some time ago but have had a few years on the sofa then this course is for you. We'll help make your return both safe and enjoyable, and give you the confidence to use the performance of your machine properly. Don't ride your super bike like your old super dream!

SKILL BUILDER (1 x 4 hours)

Involves: assessment ride followed by a quick debrief on that ride, introduction as necessary (mostly open road cornering etc, work on observation and overtaking)
This course is ideal for those who have had previous advanced training or perhaps for the experienced rider who has moved on to a higher performance machine, This course will concentrate on the areas where skill levels need to be improved.


Involves: Week 1 Classroom input (relevant handouts)

  • Systems in town
  • Basic observation and observation links
  • Position for hazards
  • Week 2 Short classroom input (relevant handouts)

Week 2 Short classroom input (relevant handouts)

  • Cornering principles
  • Use of limit points
  • Extended observation and positioning

Week 3 Advance cornering techniques

  • Limit points
  • Overtaking
  • Making maximum safe progress

This particular course will take you to a standard which should allow you to pass the IAM Advance Motorcycle Test, and thereby gain all the benefits of membership of this organisation.

Cameron Bike Training can include the optional test in your advanced course.
This course will allow you to benefit from the type of training given to Police Advance motorcyclists it is a must for anyone who considers themselves a serious motorcyclists. You want to be as good as your bike don't you?

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